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What is your service area?

We currently provide services to customers in the Southeastern US. We dispatch technicians to customer sites in Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Florida. We provide scheduled maintenance in all these areas as well as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kentucky and South Florida.

What types of equipment do you service?

We service a very wide variety of general medical and ancillary equipment. We support most electronic equipment used for medical purposes as well as an extensive list of examination and procedure tables and chairs.

Does Medical Maintenance sell medical equipment?

We represent a variety of manufacturers and are able to provide options for both the new and refurbished equipment needs of our customers.

What are your hours?

We are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST from Monday to Friday. After-hours and emergency services are available “24-7”.

Do you service aqua therapy equipment?

We represent a variety of manufacturers and are able to provide service options for virtually all types of aqua therapy equipment.

Do you provide loaner equipment?

We offer a broad range of equipment on a “loaner” basis in order to allow our customers to continue operations. Please inquire about specific needs.

Do you provide preventative maintenance services?

We provide a very broad group of scheduled maintenance services throughout the southeast.

What is the difference between Leasing and Renting?

Typically Leasing is a longer term commitment with a buy-out option at the end.