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Preventative Maintenance

We provide on demand and contracted routine evaluations. We use a standardized approach of medical equipment inspection, detection, and correction of failures either before they occur or develop into major defects. Detailed documentation of our preventative medical maintenance is provided.

Our preventative maintenance services go beyond electrical safety tests. We offer various assessments to ensure every machine, from autoclave to underwater treadmills and more is accurate and within manufacturer and state specifications. Calibrations will help increase patient safety and medical equipment duration.

Examples of calibrations are:
– Infusion Pump: Check flow rate, adjust occlusion errors
– E-Stim/Ultrasound System: Output and waveform  accuracy
– Electrosurgical Unit: Output accuracy
– Defibrillator: Manual and automatic output accuracy, synchronized firing, battery charge time.
– AED: Output accuracy
– Autoclave: Temperature and pressure accuracy
– Centrifuge: RPM accuracy
– And many more


Technical Repair

We have a dedicated staff of biomedical engineers located in our modern facility in Norcross, Georgia. Our team of medical equipment repair specialists arrange packaging, shipping, repair and return for a wide variety of instruments and medical equipment. Our customers include facilities across the continental US.

Our depot facility services include:
– Loaner Equipment*
– Pickup and Delivery within two hours of the facility
– Hardware and Electronic Testing and Diagnosis
– Hardware and/or Electronic Repair, including Autoclave Repair
– Medical Equipment Transport and Reinstallation
*When available


Equipment Loaner Program

We offer a medical equipment loaner program for those looking for that assures our client’s operations continue unabated while their medical equipment is being repaired in our Norcross-based depot.

It is important to check the availability of required equipment. Please use our online form or give us a call if you have any questions about our loaner inventory.


Field Service

Our expanded group of field service engineers are dispatched as required to perform medical equipment, including autoclave repairs at the customer site.

Our field services include:
– Loaner Equipment*
– Equipment De-installation, Removal, and Transport to MM’s Technical Repair Facility
– Hardware and Electronic Testing and Diagnosis
– Hardware and/or Electronic Repair
– Equipment Transport and Reinstallation
*When available


Equipment Sales & Rent

In order to ensure a full range of medical equipment services we offer an expansive list of instruments and medical equipment. This includes both new and recertified options for items such as autoclave, underwater treadmills, and more. 








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At Medical Maintenance our entire mission is to provide solutions to our customers. We are able to provide many paths including scheduled maintenance and calibrations, immediate dispatch of factory-trained technicians to the customer site, a comprehensive depot repair process or recommending equipment replacement options.

Since 1982 we have provided what customers are looking for. Solutions. Fast.


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